Signature ID Allocation Ranges

For assignation of SIDs for both bespoke/curated daily signatures as well as our automated offerings which are based on third-party sources, the ET team follows the guidance built form a contribution of a number of Industry Partners and researchers. Details here:

Current ET-Relevant allocations:

2000000-2099999 Emerging Threats Open Rulesets

2100000-2103999 Forked ET Versions of the Original Snort GPL Signatures Originally sids 3464 and prior, forked to be maintained and converted to Suricata

2200000-2200999 Suricata Decoder Events

2210000-2210999 Suricata Stream Events

2220000-2299999 Suricata Reserved

2800000-2899999 Emerging Threats Pro Full Coverage Ruleset

Dynamically Updated Rules:

2400000-2400999 SpamHaus DROP List — Updated Daily

2402000-2402299 Dshield Top Attackers Rules — Updated Daily

2403300-2403499 Top Attackers Rules

2404000-2405999 Bot C&C List

2404000-2405999 Bot C&C List Grouped by Port — Updated Daily

2520000-2521999 Tor Exit Nodes List Updated Daily

2522000-2524999 Tor Relay Nodes List (NOT Exit nodes) Updated Daily

2525000-2526999 ET 3CORESec Poor Reputation Updated Daily – 3CORESec

2527000-2528999 ET High Confidence Cobalt Strike C2 Updated Daily

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