Weekly Community Review - January 13, 2023

Greetings all!

Great community contributions this week, with 66 new rules making their way to ET Open.

Weekly reminder, there are many ways to reach out to us with a tip-up on an interesting hash, article, or detection logic you’ve created - on twitter, on Discourse, on our mailing list via support[at]emergingthreats[dot]net or on our Discord (hit us up via DM for an invite!).

A sampling of what was shared with us via these methods this week:

Unit42 (SIDs 2043255-2043258)

DCRat Sig Submission, where our friend slash30miata posted what became SID 2034194!

A shout-out to our twitter friend 500mk500, we sigged the domains after reviewing this blog (Crypto-inspired Magecart skimmer surfaces via digital crime haven). In today’s release, the rule msgs will be updated to be more specific to reflect if they were used as a skimmer or loader. (SIDs 2043293 & 2043295)

Isaac Shaughnessy presented at BSidesSLC 2022 and shared his presentation with us, visit Intro to Traffic Analysis and Suricata Signature Development Lab - Bsides SLC 2022 for Suri tips and tricks!

Thanks all, enjoy the weekend!

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