Snort 3 Install Guide for Modern Debian Distributions

Hey folks,

Long time, no post.

I wanted to take some time to share a small project I was working on: A Snort 3 Installation guide. My installation guide guides users on how to install Snort 3 on most modern Debian-based Distros, including:

  • Ubuntu (20.04, 22.04, 24.04)
  • Debian 12
  • Kali Linux 2024.1
  • Sift (based on Ubuntu 22.04)
  • Remnux (based on Ubuntu 20.04)

The guide walks readers through how to compile Snort 3 from source, acquire rules using pulledpork3, establish a non-root use to run Snort 3 as, Persistance via the snort3.service systemd service, automated system and rule updates via cron.weekly and the updater script, and an extra section demonstrating how to convert snort rules from the emerging threats Snort 2.9 ruleset for use with Snort 3.

I couldn’t attach a PDF here, but since I enjoy a lifetime leanpub account, I just uploaded it there as a new book, and set the minimum price to free:

Set the ‘you pay’ slider to free, add the book to your cart, and check out for free. Simple as that. Happy hunting!

-Tony Robinson

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