Etpro telemetry in opnsense

switched to opnsense from untangle after their notice that they are ending the home edition support next year.
installed ids/ips suricata with etpro teleshowing metry (proofpoint). have the widget in opnsense dashboard showing active but now downloads and/or heartbeats for over 5 hrs.
is the etpro telemetry working?
asny suggestions

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hey @jorge512 !

I just took a look at my instances (I had no idea there was a dashboard widget!)

My stats are looking good, so I’m guessing this is a localized issue.

Last event	Wed Mar 27 04:52:47 -0500 2024
Last rule download	Wed Mar 27 23:18:05 -0500 2024
Last heartbeat	Thu Mar 28 21:23:40 -0500 2024

I think the download will depend on the download schedule you configured within the “schedule” tab under administration (doc reference: ET Pro Telemetry edition — OPNsense documentation)|

I did see this note in the docs

Is there anything in those logs that might be useful?

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